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The trend of modern and environmentally friendly surface cleaning and activation with Plasma Technology


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Workshop Area

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Application Scenarios




  • Keylink is an innovative and a leading manufacturer in Asia of standard and customized Plasma Systems (incl. Atmospheric & Low-Pressure Plasma) for surface treatment of nearly all materials to enhance adhesion and improve wettability properties.

  • With our plasma processes, we can replace traditional processes and reduce the CO2 footprint in the production process significantly.

Research, Development & Innovation

With many years’ experiences in plasma technology, an enthusiasm for innovation and customer-orientation, we develop the technology of our products. We focus on delivering function, reliability, efficiency, and economical solutions for our customers.

In this way we set the trend of modern and environmentally friendly surface cleaning and activation with plasma technology.

Solutions based on various industries

Application & Solutions


Plasma activation is the process of cleaning and activating a surface as a pre-treatment before applying an adhesive, coating or spraying.

Keylink Plasma Surface Treatment Systems improves its adhesion properties and is an optimal way to improve the strength of the chemical bond between the base material and the adhesive, coating or spraying. The application of the plasma activation process can significantly increase the cross-linking, reliability, and performance of a product.

Adhesion Improvement

Improving Bonding
Pre-treatment with Keylink Plasma Surface Treatment Systems increase the adhesion between an adhesive and a base material. It increases the peel and shear in the joint between the adhesive and the base material.


Plasma cleaning technology by using Keylink Plasma Surface Treatment Systems offers solutions for any type of contamination for any substrate. In the cleaning process microscopic contaminations will be removed from a surface by a dry method of turning the foreign particles into a gas. Nearly all materials can be treated. Plastics, metals, rubbers, ceramics or glass are suitable for plasma cleaning. It is an economical, safer, environmentally friendly and more efficient process in comparison to the traditional chemical cleaning method.


Using plasma technology for etching is an optimal treatment removing material from a polymer substrate, metal, oxide, glass or ceramic.There are various advantages to using plasma instead of traditional removal methods, such as chemical etching or mechanical abrasion.With plasma materials can be removed with high accuracy without any damage of the underlying substrate. Beside of this with plasma treatment very thin layers can be removed, the depth of material removal can be controlled precisely.

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