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Keylink Plasma Surface Treatment Machines

Find a wide range of professional plasma surface treatment machines, from machines with a single-nozzle system to machines with a rotary-nozzle system. Each machine model has its specific capabilities, and this allows for the production efficiency to be improved according to your actual processing requirements.

Main Functions of Keylink Plasma Treatment Machines

The Keylink plasma surface treatment system can be used in a variety of different applications, especially for reliability and durability problems encountered in the bonding, printing, and spraying process.


Plasma Surface Cleaning

Clean the organic contaminants off the surface of the material for subsequent processing such as bonding, printing or spraying.


Plasma Surface Activation

Nano-level activation of the surface layer of the material usually for bonding process in various industries.


Plasma Surface Etching

The surface of the treated materials will exhibit greater roughness, which can improve adhesion.


Plasma Surface Coating

The treated material will attain a higher level of surface activity and will make subsequent bonding, printing or spraying processes more efficient.


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