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Guaranteed Quality

Keylink Quality Control Highlights

All of our products are designed and manufactured strictly in compliance with the ISO 9000 standard. A strong sense of responsibility to control the quality of our products is instilled in each and every member of the Keylink team.

  • An experienced technical team in Keylink always puts quality first during the production.
  • We use a multipoint inspection system to ensure that our products can meet your requirements.
  • Our products and factory have been certified by CE and SGS.

Three Key Inspection Steps in Keylink


Incoming Quality Control

Our raw materials all come from famous international manufacturers such as Toshiba® and Omran®.

Before assembling the machine, we will carry out a preliminary test on all components (e.g. SMTs), including the welding process performed on those components. This stage is mainly intended for functional testing and debugging.


Finished Product Inspection

When the equipment assembly is complete, our professional quality inspectors and technicians will check the whole assembly process and verify if everything is correctly assembled according to the assembly drawings and technical requirements.

Every single assembled machine in Keylink will be inspected in the same manner as described above.


24-hour Impact Test

Every completed Keylink plasma machine is subjected to 24 hours of continuous impact testing, which is also called "the aging test".

This test is mainly to simulate the consumption of the machine in operation and to ensure that the stability of each machine is up to the standard.

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