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  • CLEAN PL 5050 Rotary Nozzle Plasma
  • CLEAN PL 5050 Rotary Nozzle Plasma

Rotary nozzle plasma treatment machine with an external air supply


Products PL-5050 is a plasma surface treatment equipment with a rotary-nozzle system and an external air supply.

It has many types of outlet angle for treating different areas, which can also speed up your production

The machine obtained a China National Utility Model patent which refers to a new practical technical solution for shaping, constructing or combining products.


    • Providing plenty of motivation because of an external air supply.
    • Optional nozzle types: 70 mm width / 50 mm width/30mm width/20mm width.
    • High in-line producing speed: 50 m/min.
    • Treat products made of special materials

In-line Production

No Minimum Order

Free Sample Test

Guaranteed Quality

Input VoltageAC220V (±20%)
Nominal Power800VA
Plasma Power Supply Frequency20-30kHz
Air Supply Pressure0.05mpa-0.20mpa
Plasma Treatment Width<70 mm

Product Warranty

Warranty Scope:

the whole machine

Warranty Period (From the Date of Purchase):

1 year

After-Sales Service:

  • We promise that all issues will be answered within 12 hours (and if there is no jet lag, we will respond you in 2 hours).
  • You can return the machine to us within 7 days if there is a product failure.
  • All products are promised a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, we will cover the freight and customs duty.
  • During the warranty, we can repair your defective machines by replacing the parts.
  • We will deliver new machines to you within 3 days from the receipt of the defective product.