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Rotary Nozzle Plasma Surface Treatment Machine

CLEAN PL 5050 Rotary Nozzle Plasma 1

A Wealth of Benefits


The plasma nozzle system, working at atmospheric pressure, produces plasma by means of air or technology gas caused by the voltaic arc. It can guide plasma onto the surface of your products to achieve the treatment effects according to the requirements.

The rotary-nozzle system is able to evenly distribute the plasma over the surface of the profiles with a larger width. It is suitable for treating thinner profiles such as sheets and films because the energy generated by the rotary nozzle plasma treatment machine is not concentrated on a single point.

  • Different treat widths: 70 mm, 50 mm, 30 mm, 20 mm.
  • The best choice to treat thin profiles such as sheets and films.
  • Magnetic Suspension Motor: low failure rate, long service life, and low noise.

Rotary-nozzle System Machines

Functions of Keylink Plasma Machines

Keylink machines have a variety of pre-processing features as shown below:

  • Plasma Surface Cleaning

    Clean the organic contaminants off the surface of the material for subsequent processing such as bonding, printing or spraying.

  • Plasma Surface Etching

    The surface of the treated materials will exhibit greater roughness, which can improve adhesion.

  • Plasma Surface Activation

    Nano-level activation of the surface layer of the material usually for bonding process in various industries.

  • Plasma Surface Coating

    The treated material will attain a higher level of surface activity and will make subsequent bonding, printing or spraying processes more efficient.