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Plasma Treatment

Plasma Treatment Technology Overview


What is atmospheric pressure plasma?

Plasma is an appellation for a kind of unstable aggregation state of high energy level. Through the input of energy, the material is transformed from solid and liquid to gas. Additional energy is injected into the gas through the discharge action, and then the plasma state is produced.

The input of the energy allows electrons to break away from their atomic orbitals and can break the chemical bonds to form free electrons, ions, and molecules. The result of this process is regarded as the fourth state of material existence except for solid, liquid and gas states.


How the Keylink plasma system works

The functioning of our atmospheric plasma system requires only the consumption of air and electricity. Of course, specific gases can also be used if required. Our products can be directly installed on existing assembly lines without any disruption to existing processes; enabling innovative, low-cost, and efficient online surface pre-treatment.

The working principle of the machine is that plasma produces a series of comprehensive chemical and physical reactions.

Under the action of high pressure, the gas generates an ionization reaction and highly active free radicals are created. These free radicals will further react with organic pollutants on the surface of the material and pass through the material.

The particle bombardment of the surface can roughen the surface of the material, activate it, and increase the hydrophilicity of the surface, thereby facilitating a good process of viscose, printing, and spraying.


Properties of the Keylink Plasma Treatment

  • "Online" treating capability (does not interfere with the original production operation).
  • Energy saving, low cost, environmental protection.
  • Does not change the original mechanical properties of the material.
  • Optional treatment for specific areas.

Four Common Plasma Surface Treatment Functions

Keylink plasma surface treatment machines have the functions of surface cleaning, surface activation, surface etching, surface coating, etc., which are also the most commonly used functions in surface treating.


Plasma Surface Cleaning

Keylink plasma treatment machines can clean the organic contaminants off the surface of the material.

The cleaned materials will be more suitable for bonding and spraying. In the medical supplies industry, plasma surface cleaning is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical cleaning.


Plasma Surface Activation

Plasma surface activation refers to the nano-level activation of the surface layer of the material with the aim of enhancing the molecular activity of the surface and improving its adhesion capability.

This technology is often used as a pretreatment for applications in the inkjet & print industry.


Plasma Surface Etching

Plasma surface etching means that after the surface of the material is processed by a plasma machine, it will exhibit greater roughness under the microscope.

This technology can improve the adhesion of materials because it can better adhere the ink to the profiles and is widely used in the inkjet & print industry and packaging industry.


Plasma Surface Coating

After the plasma surface coating, the structure of the chemical molecule on the surface of the material changes and becomes slightly different from the chemical structure of the material itself; more free radical groups are created on the surface to improve the activation.

The treated material has a higher surface activity and facilitates subsequent bonding, printing or spraying processes.

More than Plasma Treatment Technology

Powerful Equipment

Powerful Equipment

We offer a wide range of professional plasma surface treatment machines.

Multiple Solutions

Multiple Solutions

Our plasma surface treatment system can be used in a variety of different applications.

Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

We have all key inspection procedures in place to ensure the quality of our products.