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Wires & Cables

Keylink Plasma Technology in the Wires & Cables Industry

The wires and cables industry needs effective surface treatment before spraying and printing. For example, due to the application of new materials (such as PE, PP, PVC, high-density PE, silica gel, rubber, etc.), it is difficult for the wires and cables industry to print or spray some information (such as the production date, model parameters, etc.) on the surface of the cables. Plasma surface treatment technology can easily solve this problem.

Technology Applications

Printing on cables

Printing on cables (Material PE)

Benefits We Bring to the Wires & Cables Industry

Improve Adhesion

Keylink plasma technology can improve the adhesion of lots of new materials in the wires and cables industry.

Activating the Surface

Our machines can activate the surface of the material and ensure a very high surface energy state, creating the perfect conditions for the subsequent printing process.

Improve the Hydrophilicity

Improve the hydrophilicity of the surface of the material while enhancing the adhesion of the ink on the surface, so that the ink never falls off.

Online Processing

Machines can be directly installed before the coding, which makes the production process efficient and environmentally friendly.

Recommended Models

The wires & cables industry needs extremely detailed paste and printing treatment. We recommend the following plasma machine for you to successfully handle those tasks.