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Rubber & Plastics

Keylink Plasma Technology in the Rubber & Plastics Industry

The rubber and plastics industry needs effective surface treatment before bonding, spraying, and silk-screen printing. Surface coatings for rubber products have previously been cleaned with chemical syrup. However, due to the high concentration of sulphuric acid in chemical syrup, plasma surface treatment is a new surface treatment that can easily solve the problem. In this type of application, the most typical example of this type of application is the surface treatment of automotive wiper strips.

Technology Applications

Surface cleaning

Surface cleaning

Rubber & Plastics

Processing wiper strip (material rubber)

Benefits We Bring to the Rubber & Plastics Industry

No Damage

Improve the surface tension of the products without damaging the surface, and improve the adhesion of the material used in the coating process.

More Convenient & Low Cost

Replace the grinding or chemical etching process, without the need for primer, to meet the environmental requirements of coating water-soluble glue.

Environmentally Friendly

Completely environmentally friendly treatment, no ozone, no exhaust emissions, low energy consumption.

Online Processing

Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.

Recommended Models

The rubber and plastics industry needs bonding and printing processing tiny areas while also needs high production efficiency. We recommend the following plasma machine for you to successfully handle those tasks.