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Keylink Plasma Technology in the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry needs effective surface treatment before bonding. There are more and more new materials in the packaging industry, and the surface energy of these new materials is very low. Keylink plasma treatment can prevent the degumming at the mouth of the carton, and it can significantly improve the adhesion of the UV, coated plastic, and folding carton, thereby reducing the rework cost.

Technology Applications

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Benefits We Bring to the Packaging Industry

Reduce the Defective Rate

With the plasma treatment technology, the glue can be more adhesive, which helps reduce the defective rate in the customer’s production process.

Low Cost

Water-based adhesives can be applied to reduce the use of glue and to effectively reduce production costs.

Online Processing

Keylink plasma machines can be integrated into the existing assembly line for packaging gluing.

Environmentally Friendly

Plasma replaces the method of mechanical polishing, directly eliminating the pollution caused by the paper powder and paper wool from the production environment.

Recommended Models

The packaging industry needs more detailed paste processing. We recommend the following plasma machines for you to handle tiny areas.