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Medical Supplies

Keylink Plasma Technology in the Medical Supplies Industry

The medical supplies industry needs effective surface treatment before bonding and printing. For example, due to the increased number of new materials in the industry, some medical products (such as urinary catheters) are not very effective in bonding. The plasma surface treatment technology is required to enhance the surface activity of materials in a clean and environmentally friendly manner.

Technology Applications

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

Medical Supplies

Processing medical supplies

Benefits We Bring to the Medical Supplies Industry

Enhance the Surface Activity

Enhance the surface activity of medical supplies using new materials in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Online Processing

Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.

Reliability and Durability

Keylink plasma treatment machines promise stable and long-term anti-leakage bonding.

Deep Clean

Completely remove organic pollutants emanated from the injection molding process from the surface.

Recommended Models

The medical supplies industry needs bonding and printing processing for both tiny and large areas. We recommend the following plasma machines for you to successfully handle those tasks.