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Keylink Plasma Technology in the Glass Products Industry

The glass industry needs effective surface treatment before coating. For example, the pre-processing before coating the surface of the glass optical lenses. The surface of the material is pretreated with plasma, so that the surface of the lenses reaches a state of very high surface energy, and the surface adhesion is greatly improved, so that the coating can be uniformly and stably applied to the lenses.

Technology Applications

Processing glass screen

Processing glass screen

Benefits We Bring to the Glass Products Industry

Reliability & Durability

Keylink plasma treatment machines allow the coating to adhere to the glass profiles firmly and evenly.

Improve the Adhesion

Improve the quality and adhesion of the paint film to reduce the thickness of the paintcoat (reducing the flux content in the coating).

Online Processing

Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.

Deep Clean

Completely remove the organic pollutants emanating from the injection molding process from the surface.

Recommended Models

The glass products industry always needs cleaning, bonding, coating, and printing treatments for a large area. We recommend the following plasma machines for you to successfully handle those tasks.