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Keylink Plasma Technology in the Electronics Industry

The electronics industry needs effective surface treatment before bonding, spraying, and silk-screen printing. For example, in the pre-bonding treatment of the mobile phone cases and the low-voltage electric appliances, the plasma surface cleaning is used instead of the PP water manual cleaning, which reduces the labor cost and the consumption cost.

Technology Applications

Mobile phone screen

Mobile phone accessories

Electronic chip

Electronic chip

Mobile phone screen

Back cover of mobile phone

Benefits We Bring to the Electronics Industry

No Damage

Treat the material without damaging its surface or the embedded circuit components in the product.

Low Cost

The nonpolar composite materials can be used, which can improve performance while reducing the cost.

Improve Adhesion

The high energy of the material surface is the basis for improving adhesion and is especially good for the use of waterborne coatings.

Online Processing

Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.

Recommended Models

The automotive industry needs bonding and printing processing for both tiny and large areas. We recommend the following plasma machines for you to successfully handle those tasks.