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This page provides help with the most common questions about Keylink and Plasma Surface Treatment Technology.

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1What is atmospheric pressure plasma?

Plasma is an appellation for a kind of unstable aggregation state of high energy level. Through the input of the energy, the material is transformed from solid and liquid to gas. The additional energy is injected into the gas through the discharge action, and then the plasma state is produced. The input of the energy allows electrons to break away from their atomic orbitals, and can break the chemical bonds to form free electrons, ions and molecules. It is regarded as the fourth state of material existence except solid, liquid and gas states.

2What is the principle of plasma processing?

The reaction mechanism is a series of comprehensive physical and chemical reactions, the gas under high pressure can generate ionization reaction into highly reactive free radicals which will further react with organic pollutants on the materials surface, and through the particle bombardment to material surface, it can make the material surface roughening, activate material surface, and greatly increase the hydrophilicity of the material surface so that can get good viscose, printing, spraying effects.

3What materials can plasma process?

Plasma treatment can be used to process almost all materials – from  metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and  composites ,whether semiconductor, oxide, or polymer materials (such as PP、 PE、PVC、PTFE 、PI and ABS etc.) can be effectively processed.

4What are the advantages of plasma treatment?

Plasma treatment is the most effective process for cleaning, activating and coating.

It can remove the release agent and additives on the surface of the material, and the activation process can ensure the quality of the subsequent bonding process and coating process. For the coating process, the surface properties of the composite can be further improved. Using plasma technology, the material can be surface pretreated efficiently according to specific process requirements. And can improve production efficiency and greatly reduce production costs

5How long is the shelf life of the plasma treated surface?

The shelf life of pretreated materials ranges from a few hours to a few years, depending on the plastic, formulation, handling and high temperature after treatment. Material purity is the most important factor. The shelf life is limited by the presence of low molecular weight components such as anti-blocking agents, mold release agents, antistatic agents, and the like. Eventually, these components migrate to the surface of the cleaned polymer. Therefore, it is recommended to print or paste the material as soon as possible after plasma treatment. However, once the treated surface is in contact with the coating, ink, adhesive or other material, the bond becomes permanent.